Fireplugs, the Beginning

I came across the following photograph in my archives. I took it in 1988 as I was walking in NYC. Much of the city was fascinating to me but the bright, shiny face plate really caught my attention. That it was a conduit for water made it irresistible, for some reason. I trace my (continuing) series […]

On the Road Again – and Fireplugs

It is that time of year again: the pilgrimage to see Sidra on her birthday. It is usually Burbank, California. Now and then her parents come up to San Jose with her so we can celebrate.  Sidra is our granddaughter. As you read this, she will have a digit in the ‘tens’ column indicating her age. No […]


I’m the kind of person who (tries to) concentrate on one thing at a time. Its not easy for me. I used to have all kinds of trouble. Sometimes when I would read stories, my eyes would drift off the page and I would continue a narrative, of my own making, in my head. When I […]

Fire Plugs

I can’t resist an interesting fire hydrant. Maybe I have some canine blood in me, or I was a dog in a past life.  I found this yellow wonder in Los Gatos, California. I’m not sure if it was the angle of the light (I’m a sucker for oblique lighting), the embossed letters or the yellow […]