Locked Standpipes and Alarm

Sometimes there is a lot to see behind buildings. My walk today, took me to the back of one building where I saw a standpipe arrangement different from others I’ve seen. This dual set of standpipes was just below an alarm bell. I suppose the fire department would locate the standpipe by localizing the sound […]

Mother and Son Standpipe

Another in a continuing series of fire suppression equipment photographs I came across this lovely pair of standpipes during one of my morning walks. The thought of kinship between them immediately came to mind. Mum is standing over the little squirt, as if protecting him.

Fireplugs, the Beginning

I came across the following photograph in my archives. I took it in 1988 as I was walking in NYC. Much of the city was fascinating to me but the bright, shiny face plate really caught my attention. That it was a conduit for water made it irresistible, for some reason. I trace my (continuing) series […]