After and Before

More about Radiation

I thought I would try redeeming myself from yesterday’s portrait. Today’s ‘After and Before’ refers the the effects after and before (reading the portrait left to right) radiation to the entire brain.

Of course the treatment is supposed to kill cancer cells, while leaving the non-cancerous cells alone. The bad thing is, the body’s immune system rushes to defend against the radiation, and causes swelling – not only inside the brain, which is a real problem – but of the face as well. Anti-inflammatories must be administered because, when the brain swells, encased as it is in the non-expandable skull, additional damage may occur.

Hopefully, after radiation treatment, all faculties that have been compromised get back to normal. I’m not sure that is true in all cases, however.  More hopefully, the radiation will kill off the cancer cells for good.

Watercolor: Portrait Before and After Radiation

After and Before

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