Woefully Misproportioned Sketch

I still need a lot of work on proportions, when I draw blindly, that is, without looking at the paper. In the sketch below, my hands had the idea that the body to which it was attached, was smaller than it was in fact. I started from the feet and took my pen for a walk. Everything was fine until I finished the back of her head. I suppose my drawing hand forgot how far it had traveled from the feet. It was most comfortable drawing a small head.

Sketch: Pen and Ink - Woefully Misproportioned Sketch

Woefully Misproportioned Sketch
Pen and Ink Sketch
10″x8″ 111# Moleskin Journal

4 thoughts on “Woefully Misproportioned Sketch

  1. Well, I think it’s great. The posture and positioning of the person exudes a certain attitude. And maybe she has a small head for a reason, she needs to fill it up with the contents of that book, and then it will expand (you know, they say, expand your mind, well, then what is your head going to do, right?) I’m being facetious here with all this talk, but seriously, I think this is a really good character drawing. Just saying.


    • It is embarrassing to think that this reveals my subconscious attitude about the character I drew ( ;>) ). I am just conscious of making an effort to make a well-proportioned portrait. In retrospect, and divorced from my connection to the subject while drawing, I am open to any narrative about the character.


      • It’s funny, what we might think as defects in our own work, to others, add another layer. I find your blind drawings so expressive and each one intrigues me in a way that a more polished drawing doesn’t. I have been trying some blind drawing myself and I love the process, you’ve inspired me.

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