Watercolor Sketches: Gray Clouds in Front of Cloud Line, with Evergreens

Here are a couple of more preliminary watercolor sketches of cloud formations. I photographed this cloud bank late last month. I was struck by the smattering of blue sky between the solid mass of white-edged clouds in the background, and smaller steel gray clouds hovering in the foreground. In the first sketch, I laid down […]

Rocky Landscape

I used the same technique as I did yesterday to create my windbreak line of trees. These may be the charred remains of the trees from yesterday, which were afire. I’m very happy to say that there remains some greenery in the rest of the forest, that one can see in the background. The foreground […]

Fiery Landscape

I revisited my tree-growing technique from the landscape I painted a week or so ago (Landscape). I wet part of the paper and left the rest dry. The idea was to apply drippy paint to the dry part of the paper and allow the run off to encounter the wet paper. When that happens, the […]


In setting up my latest conflict between saturated and earth-tone colors I inadvertently mixed my cobalt blue with either quinacridone nickel or one of my iron oxides (I used both). Previously I had wet down my paper and stroked on the quinacridone. There are two phases to the bloom of this dirty yellow pigment. The […]

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