Fiery Landscape

I revisited my tree-growing technique from the landscape I painted a week or so ago (Landscape). I wet part of the paper and left the rest dry. The idea was to apply drippy paint to the dry part of the paper and allow the run off to encounter the wet paper. When that happens, the paint  blooms as it diffuses into the wet area.

Different types of paint disperse differently. Today I began with a mixture of Van Dyke brown and quinacridone nickel on the dry paper and tilted it toward the wet area. The brown pigment was heavier, so the yellow quinacridone flowed freely. It wouldn’t stop. The trees I intended to grow took over almost the entire wet area.

After the paper dried, I used a heavier green pigment and grew some more trees. These seemed to be in the foreground, with the previously-deposited yellow in the background.

I applied a bit of phthalo blue to the corners of the paper to represent the clear sky.

Watercolor: Abstract - Landscape with Fire

Fiery Landscape
12″x9″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

The composition does not relate a vivid impression of a fire, but rather a vague sense of it.  I would have to paint like J.M.W. Turner to portray a raging, roiling fire. Perhaps I will try tackling that some day.

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