OtherArtByJack: Call Box and Dog Graffiti NYC (1990s)

I enjoyed walking down Crosby Street in Manhattan during my 20+ years living in that great city. Beginning at Houston Street (pronounced, ‘how-stun’) Crosby runs south. The area South of Houston is also known as SoHo.  One of the interesting shops that used to be there (as I recall) was a small storefront that sold nothing […]

Vintage Photo: Sculpture on Parking Sign, NYC 1991

The large sculpture on the right edge of the photo was a recognizable landmark for those of us living in NYC in the 1980s and 90s. It was south of Houston (SoHo), approaching Broadway from the west. Girders appear to be jutting out of the side of a building. I didn’t realize it was actually […]

Sculpture in the Raw

During my walks around New York in the late 1980s and 1990s I saw many interesting things. I frequently walked south on Broadway to an important dividing line: Houston Street (pronounced How-stun). It divides South of Houston (SoHo) from North of Houston (NoHo). I don’t know how many times I looked south from the northern corner […]

Federal Graffiti

Today’s watercolor experiment: One can always remember the location of some graffiti. In some cases, it is a landmark building, in which case the graffiti doesn’t persist for very long; in other cases the address is built right into the graffiti itself.  The latter is the case in today’s sketch. The sign over the door […]

Pointillist Graffiti

I saw this graffiti in May of 1991 on a walk through SoHo in New York City. SoHo stands for ‘South of Houston’, where ‘Houston’ is pronounced ‘How-Stun’, unlike the city in Texas.  When I moved away from NYC, SoHo was becoming an upscale shopping area. I wonder how much graffiti still adorns the side […]

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