Red Curb, No Shadow

Here is another shot of the curb that my friend Claudia McGill calls “the gift that keeps on giving.” There are no shadows, due to the overcast sky. It is rather drab compared with the other photos I’ve taken of the same scene: Same Shot Different Day and Night Shot: Red Curb.  

Splat Patterns

The fan brush came in handy today. Loaded with paint, it makes a nice splat when jammed onto the page. Splashes are common with this technique. The plan was to glaze the surface with yellow pigment, so to make sure my ocher splats were preserved, I outlined them with my dip pen using sepia ink. […]

Hasty Banana

Today’s watercolor experiment: The subject of today’s experiment is yet another bunch of bananas. I decided to take the bananas outside and place them on the patio table. The sun was bright and even though it only 60 degrees, it was hot. Here is a photograph of my banana set up. The sun is quite a […]