Cybernetics and Spring Cleaning

Dad was a theoretical physicist, probably a better name for his field would be ‘applied mathematics’. He was more at home with math than people. He had a hard time figuring them out and left that to Mom. Looking back, Dad would have probably qualified to be on the spectrum of autistic personalities, had one […]

Still Waiting

Potential muses Well, inspiration didn’t come knocking today as I hoped it would.  There are some potential muses on the horizon, so to speak. Out of five avocado pits, two of them sprouted a root (one each). I kept one in water and planted the other in a small pot. Oh, and by the way, […]


Not thinking too clearly today. Last night another person I was acquainted with died. Yesterday I mentioned that a former colleague of mine took his own life, even though he was a religious person. The idea of death itself isn’t on my mind as much as the changing landscape that accompanies it. The fact that […]