Untitled I – July 16, 2017

I created positive and negative space on the paper before I began painting today. I used pencil lines comprised the positive (1-dimensional) space and latex masking, for the (eventual) negative space. The latter space appeared as thin, white traces at the end of the process, when the watercolor paint dried and the mask was removed.

However, I changed plans and, instead of relying on the pencil marks as lines, I used them as guides for the edges of color fields. Lines were formed as a result of contrast between adjacent color patches.

Watercolor: Abstract - Untitled I 071617

Untitled I 7-16-17
9″x12″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

The pencil lines laid down at the beginning were very light and I did not pay much attention to them as I painted broad fields of color. As I refined the brush strokes I used the lines as guides.

I was aware of the masking and made sure that they would reveal white space by covering both edges of each latex trace with pigment.

There is little interplay between white lines and dark lines as originally planned. The white lacy design seems to hover above the color fields.

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