Cybernetics and Spring Cleaning

Dad was a theoretical physicist, probably a better name for his field would be ‘applied mathematics’. He was more at home with math than people. He had a hard time figuring them out and left that to Mom. Looking back, Dad would have probably qualified to be on the spectrum of autistic personalities, had one […]

Nineteenhundred and forty-six

(Note: This is another part of my continuing series about the state of mental heath treatment during my parents’ time and how it affected them in caring for their first child, my older brother Michael – autistic, low functioning and nonverbal) 1946 This was a good year. It was the year my parents got married. […]

Why Do Doctors Diagnose?

My interest in mental illness and diagnosis stems from the fact that my brother is autistic, low functioning and nonverbal. In my attempt to discover more about the process of diagnosis, I have written several posts on the subject: Diagnosis, the Beginning; Diagnosis (dx) Basics; Diagnosis and Mental Health; Stamp Collecting (about taxonomy); Autism Diagnosis […]

Presupposition & Prejudice

I mentioned yesterday that my older brother Michael contributed to my observant, wait-and-see approach to my surroundings and interactions. I said that my approach allowed me to be “less prone to jump to a conclusion and more open learning to something unexpected.” I must clarify my statement that I am less prone to jump to […]

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