Burbank Abstract

Today’s watercolor experiment:

I’m away from home, without my usual complement of paints and painting tools. Of course, I brought my palette, although normally I don’t use it much; a couple of small white ceramic soy sauce dishes containing dried paint (yellow ochre, cobalt blue, indanthrone blue and cadmium red light); my favorite brushes and my heavy watercolor paper. Although I have been forgetful lately (see 8 1/2, Reblotting), I didn’t forget anything significant in my mobile paint set.

I began with cobalt blue and placed red where it could flow into the blue. Using a darker blue, I used a quick check-mark stroke. I like the way blue and ochre mix, so I applied yellow ocher next to the dark (indanthrone) blue. One of the other earth colors I like is ‘terra rosa’ (by M. Graham). A circular stroke of this color looked really good. I dashed a line of this same color through that arc.

Watercolor: Abstract with Cobalt and Prussian Blue, Terra Rosa and Yellow Ochre

Burbank Abstract
9″x12″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

Note: I created the above composition differently than it is displayed above. I flipped it 180 degrees from the orientation of origin.

4 thoughts on “Burbank Abstract

  1. I really love this. I hope you won’t mind if I comment on what I see. It is yoga in motion. I see a person in downward facing dog, but also someone doing a sun salutation. It is peace and praise and sunshine. Really an awesome painting.

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