Horn Tooting

I mentioned my photography exhibition about my brother Michael, in my post, Review of Photo Show.  I attended a talk given by Temple Grandin in New York City at the same time my show was open and was lucky enough to meet her. I spoke with her and gave her the announcement of my show.

Post Card Announcement of my Brotherly Love Photo show with Picture of Mike

She didn’t say much to me, but accepted my invitation.

I was very shocked and pleased about a month later when I received the following letter from her:

Handwritten letter from Temple Grandin

Temple Grandin is indeed a generous soul.

2 thoughts on “Horn Tooting

  1. One of the things I really like about being around autistic people – admittedly high-functioning autistic people which makes it easier to make statements like this! – is how honest and straight-forward they are. If they don’t like your photos they’ll say – or at least say nothing – they don’t pretend. What a satisfying conclusion to your invitation!


    • I agree. She didn’t have to send me a note at all. In fact, when I met her, I thought she was angry with me for some reason. Flat affect, and all. But she was very thoughtful and kind to send me the note and say what she said.


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