Feedback Requested: Proposed Etsy Listings

Dear Readers,

This is the first of several posts where I show some of the images that I am considering listing for sale on my soon-to-be opened Etsy Shop. For now, I will retain the originals and offer high-quality prints.

I hope you will consider giving me some feedback about my selections. I value your comments. Thank you all.

6 thoughts on “Feedback Requested: Proposed Etsy Listings

  1. I like the selection and especially the portraits. They make a coherent group with a good continuity of color and style I think, which I think is important when you are selling and people can move from one to the other and make choices.

    • I appreciate your thoughts, Claudia. I am formulating a plan and a philosophy for my shop, so I’m glad the consistency of this group comes through. I’m hoping that the other sets of listings I propose is true to my artist’s statement. I’ll post a draft of that tomorrow. Thanks very much for your feedback.

      • It makes me think of when I was setting up my booth for a show – each time I needed to arrange the paintings so that they make a somewhat coherent group which I thought helped people make sense of what they were seeing. I found most people can get confused visually when confronted with a whole array. I like the way you are going about your shop.

  2. I agree with Claudia that it makes a good coherent presentation. But I’m not a good person to ask for advice. I never sold one piece of art on etsy, and not many knitted things either. The only thing I had success with were my children’s old toys. (K)

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