Tutor and Child

This is one of the first portrait-formatted, double-paged notebook sketches I drew in my 5×8 Moleskin journal. Physically, it is a very much different experience than drawing in the landscape orientation. The division between pages in the landscape format impedes the left-right (right-left)  stroke, which is easier for me to handle than the interrupted up-down […]

Farewell Graffiti

I reached my goal yesterday of painting 2 dozen studies of New York Citi graffiti from photographs I took in the early 1990s, in each of two formats (portrait and landscape).  In this farewell post to this series, I decided to paint two more studies to make an even 50 graffiti watercolor sketches. Today’s watercolor […]

Madison Street Graffiti

Today’s watercolor experiment: One of my challenges today was to find one of my graffiti photographs taken in 1990s New York City, in portrait (or vertical) format. I am two sketches away from completing my goal of 24 graffiti watercolors in each of two formats: portrait and landscape. The photograph I chose was not an […]

Bargain Spot Graffiti Revisited

Today’s watercolor experiment: I am nearing my goal of 2 dozen graffiti watercolors in vertical format, to match the same number I painted in landscape. For today’s experiment, I revisited my ‘Bargain Spot Graffiti‘ post. I used a horizontally-formatted (landscape) photograph for that watercolor study. Today, I used another photo that I took of the […]