Farewell Graffiti

I reached my goal yesterday of painting 2 dozen studies of New York Citi graffiti from photographs I took in the early 1990s, in each of two formats (portrait and landscape).  In this farewell post to this series, I decided to paint two more studies to make an even 50 graffiti watercolor sketches.

Today’s watercolor experiment:

Final portrait-format graffiti sketch:

The portrait format study is an empty storefront for rent. I call it Space Graffiti, in recognition of the ‘Space for Rent’ sign in the window.

Watercolor: Gated Storefront Space for Rent with Graffiti

The shadowed awning above the gated storefront contributes to a three-dimensional visual effect.

Photograph: Gated Storefront Space for Rent with Graffiti

Space Graffiti Reference Photo

Final landscape-format graffiti sketch:

When I was a kid, we used to drive from lower Manhattan to midtown to get the tunnel home. I remember the transition from Allen Street, a divided thoroughfare to First Avenue, a one-way street going uptown. The transition happened at Houston Street. I remember a really interesting building right in the middle of the divider. I love the brickwork.

Watercolor: Building at Allen Street and Houston with Graffiti

Allen Street Graffiti
4″x6″140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

When I think about it, this building might house part of the ventilation system for the subway, which is in the vicinity.

Photograph: Building at Allen Street and Houston with Graffiti

Allen Street Graffiti Reference Photograph

What’s next?

My paintings of the past couple of months celebrated scenes from New York City, where I used to live. I enjoyed copying my photographs to construct watercolor sketches. My watercolor experiments have concentrated on draftsmanship, a skill that I continue to develop.

Tomorrow, I exit my comfort zone to talk about and sketch more personal matters. It may take me a while to become comfortable with a new topic, but a little discomfort is conducive to better art.

See you all tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Farewell Graffiti

  1. Thanks again for this wonderful series! I also admire that you did it in a focused sequence without being distracted by other work…a problem I continually have.
    Looking forward to what comes next. (K.)

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