Today’s watercolor experiment:

I began with a dry brush stroke of indanthrone blue with a stiff-bristle brush. I zigged and zagged.

Graded washes were on my mind from my warm-up activities (see Limber Session, also from today). I used cadmium orange to fill in the space between the upper zigs, a darker orange at the periphery; for the lower zigs I used my cadmium red light wash.

Watercolor : Abstract Expressionist Symbol

9″x12″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

The resulting form reminded me of a light bulb, so I proceeded to mix indanthrone with cadmium orange to make a neutral color to darken the space outside the bulb space. I left room for yellow rays of light, which I painted after the dark mixture dried.

A light bulb is an iconic symbol for an idea. I am happy that all my efforts toward creating today’s image resulted in an idea.

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