Applied Washes

Today’s watercolor experiment:

I started today’s experiment with an idea to execute a circular watercolor wash. However, I could not control both the curvature and the flow of pigment from the brush, at the same time. The initial brush stroke was resulting from a relatively dry brush.

I executed several disconnected curves with ultramarine blue pigment. Using these outer curves as a starting point for the graded washes, leaving an oval-shaped opening at the center and a wedge-shaped opening on the left side of the figure.

Outside the blue areas, I continued the curve motif with cadmium orange.

I mixed a wash of lemon yellow wash and washed the entire paper. After drying I used cadmium red light in thin brushstrokes along the edge of the orange in a few places.

Watercolor: Abstract - Application of Graded Washes in Blue and Orange

Untitled – Abstract 112315
9″x12″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

I used mars black to outline the orange wedge and emphasize the outer edges of the blue washes.

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