Arthur in Decline

Alfred E. Newman, of Mad Magazine fame had an avocado sapling named ‘Arthur’. A year or so ago, I germinated a couple of avocado pits as well. Here are a couple of my paintings of Arthur as a sprout: Arthur’s Roots, Arthur On His Own, Checking In On Arthur, Arthur Update. This is Arthur today: Arthur has […]

Giant Avocado Picture

Actually my watercolor study isn’t all that big (12″x9″) but it certainly is a lot bigger than the actual avocado itself… Arthur Jr. I’ve been eating a lot of avocados. In addition to being healthy for me, I can’t resist the temptation to see if I can sprout another tree. Those of you who have […]

Arthur’s Roots

I feel really bad for Arthur. He was doing so well. But his roots were getting dense and started to curl around; he looked crowded, even though he was getting another sprouting of leaves. Arthur is my pet avocado tree that I started on top of a Mason jar. The other day I decided it was […]

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