Proto Nebula

I really enjoy science fiction. I watch and re-watch the 20+ year old Star Trek series Voyager and Next Generation. I like the graphic representations of nebulae of deep space.

Today’s watercolor, just as yesterday’s, is a mixture of subtle earth tones and cobalt blue. I began with terra verte, a very light, earthy green. I found that this pigment is so faint that even very heavy applications leave an unsaturated field.

I also used quinacridone nickel and red iron oxide which, are much more saturated than the terra verte.

Cobalt blue is also saturated but also very grainy. The upper blob of blue combines with the iron oxide to give a bruise-y looking aura. The blob at the bottom yields green in mixture with the yellow quinacridone nickel.

Watercolor: Abstract - Proto Nebula

Proto Nebula
12″x9″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

I’m still deciding whether this study is complete. Perhaps additional glazing will add more definition, and condense the nebulous color field into one with more definition.

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