Red Leaf on Pink Sidewalk

This is probably my last warmup and exercise in the book from which I am learning: the Tate Watercolour Manual, Lessons from the Great Masters by Tony Smibert and Joyce Townsend.  The last lesson is about observation with remarks from John Ruskin a writer, art critic and champion of J.M.W. Turner, on of the masters discussed in […]

Reminder – Art Specials

Reminder for limited time special offer (until December 31, 2015) of my old experiments (Special Offer). I offer them at $90.00 USD, US shipping included. Most watercolors are 9″x12″,  unmatted and unframed. Please contact me (Jack Davis) at You can review them by groups (1-11) and see them in their original posts (Special Offer […]

Empathy and Abstraction

Empathy – another definition When I wrote about empathy in a previous posts (Empathy Take 1, Empathy Take 2, Empathy and Sympathy, Emotion & Empathy Circuitry in Infants), I was concentrating on the relationship between people. I found this interesting definition of empathy in Fiona Gray in her article, The Synthesis of Empathy, Abstraction and […]