Memories of Michael: The Last of Mike (2022)

This is a sketch for a future painting. I drew it shortly after Mike died. I got a call the day he died, from one of his caregivers, who told me, “Michael is transitioning.” I was fortunate enough to get to talk to him during his last hours. Mike was nonverbal and never gave me much of an indication that he knew I was his brother, but for about 20 minutes on the video call I talked to him. I forgot most of what I said, but I told him that I loved him. I swear that his eye was looking right at me. It may have been an artifact of the lighting or something to do with the camera, but I am going to believe that we made a connection.

Memories of Michael: The Last of Mike (2022)
The Last of Mike (2022)
Memories of Michael
Sketch on Brown Paper 9×12″

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