Sketch Book Series: Blue Car (July 2010)

I used this particular parking lot quite a bit (both for parking and sketching). I spent what seemed like hours on the leafy hedge, at first trying to render each leaf, later settling for overall texture. The trees, far and near, were also a challenge. My cars come out cartoony, but I like them. I […]

Sketch Book Series: Parking Lot (January 2010)

My pen and ink drawings of ten or so years ago had a pencil sketch scaffolding. These early sketches relied more on line than on surface shading. I haven’t sketched in a long time, so it will be interesting to try combining line and surface in new drawing.

Sketch Book Series: Parking Lot (April 2010)

Sometimes the planned goals of my sketch are not achieved. Below, I got too caught up in drawing the cars, that I could not render the sky, which was my original intention.

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