The Wink

This is another study done on very heavy (246# linen textured) paper. I began by cutting curved lines into the surface. These curves serve as the scaffolding for subsequent brush strokes and the trough for the green ink I introduced while the paper was wet. I moved the pigment around on the wet paper with an […]

Pastel-ish Abstract

The paper I used today was very heavy, 246 pounds to be exact. [Note: this is not the weight of a single sheet, but rather the weight of 500 sheets, or a ream of paper.] I like the weight because the paper won’t buckle significantly if I soak it with water and, I can incise […]

Abstract 021317

For today’s study I used a different kind of paper than I usually do: 246# linen finish ‘acrylic’ paper. I believe it is called acrylic because that is the intended medium, but it is not a plastic paper. I scored it with a razor blade. The thickness of the paper and its texture must have […]

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