Abstract 021317

For today’s study I used a different kind of paper than I usually do: 246# linen finish ‘acrylic’ paper. I believe it is called acrylic because that is the intended medium, but it is not a plastic paper.

I scored it with a razor blade. The thickness of the paper and its texture must have contributed to the smoothness with which I was able to make the cuts.

Watercolor: Abstract on Scored Heavy Linen Finish Paper

Abstract 021317
14″x11″ 246# Linen Finish Paper

I used my brush strokes to echo some of the lines I made with the blade. I did have an idea in mind when I made the incisions, but many of them were barely visible and required pigment to make themselves known.

I like the interplay between the mostly unseen scoring and the paint. I experience d a kind of vibration as I drew my brush across the regular texture of the surface. This, plus the absorption properties of this new paper were different than those of the paper I normally use.

I look forward to more experiments with this paper.

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