I took my paper folding-painting to another level with the study below. This is a continuation of my adaptation of Simon Hantaï’s technique of painting on folded canvas (see Abstract – After Simon Hantaï). I began using a French Curve as a template to incise several lines with a steel point. These fine lines were virtually […]


I carried forward my experiment in which I painted on a crumpled ball of relatively light-weight paper (Abstract – After Simon Hantaï) to today’s effort to apply Hantaï’s method to a very heavy (246#) sheet of linen-textured paper. I scored the paper along its width, with about a dozen (more or less) parallel lines. After I […]

Abstract – After Simon Hantaï

Thanks to Sally (@ArtQuartet) for telling me about the work of Simon Hantaï. He folded his canvases before he painted them. “In 1960, Hantaï developed his technique of “pliage” (folding): the canvas is folded and scrunched, then doused with colour, and unfolded, leaving apparent blank sections of the canvas interrupted by vibrant splashes of colour.” (1) […]

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