I carried forward my experiment in which I painted on a crumpled ball of relatively light-weight paper (Abstract – After Simon Hantaï) to today’s effort to apply Hantaï’s method to a very heavy (246#) sheet of linen-textured paper.

I scored the paper along its width, with about a dozen (more or less) parallel lines. After I folded the paper into a fan-like zigzag, I clamped both ends with C clamps and painted the edges.  I used watery pigments, so I would get some leakage to the inner vertices of the folds.  I chose Prussian blue and quinacridone nickel as my colors, since I like the way they interact.

After unfurling the paper to its original 12″x9″ dimensions, I taped it to a board for one final procedure.  I applied a loaded brush of Prussian blue horizontally, to the top half of the paper and quinacridone nickel to the lower half.

Watercolor: Abstract - Vertical and Horizontal (Hantaï)

Vertical and Horizontal
12″x9″ #246 Linen Paper

The end result is the interplay between the many strong vertical greens and the paler, wider horizontal blue and yellow stripes.

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