Men Arguing, Drawn Blind and Modified

I did most of this drawing without looking at the paper. The shape of the head on the man on the right was distorted by my unconscious mind, which chose to minimize its curvature in relation to the face. I modified the figure on the left by adding hair and an eye.

Man Writing, with Bottle and Knapsack

There’s not a lot of action in bookstore cafes. People are reading, writing, tutoring, tutoree-ing, or drinking coffee with a far away look in their eyes (which would have been squinting through the smoke, if smoking were allowed). The sketch below was informed by blind drawing, but I frequently adjusted my gaze between the subject […]

PC* Patiently Awaiting Christmas

* Processing Christmas: Second in a series of drawings made during Christmas, revisited after Christmas. The first in the series may be found here. There was some amount of lethargy amongst those awaiting Santa. It was hard to be excited all the time.

Man with Glasses, Writing

I’m making some progress with blind drawing. I am getting better with longer contours. Head shapes are coming more naturally. I’m not quite sure what happened with the man’s glasses (his left lens – on the right side of the paper).. I must have begun on with the downward stroke on the right and come […]

Two Figures Engaged in Different Activities

Part of the charm of this composition is that the two figures are not to scale with each other. The larger person could be getting up to confront the artist, or s/he could be concentrating on a phone. The smaller person is oblivious to everything but the table.

Reading Man Drawn Blind

I think I started at the man’s right forearm and drew a continuous line that stopped at his down-turned mouth. I continued with a lift of the pen and drew the hollow under his lower lip, finishing with the outline of his cheek. I completed the drawing with two more lines: the first included the […]

Large Man Waiting for Tests

I was the only other person in the waiting room. It was early, and there seemed to be enough time to draw at a leisurely pace. At first, the man’s arm was above his head. That didn’t last long. I finished the sketch with the more relaxed pose you see below. I had a chance […]