ReBlotting Exercise, Complete

I am back at home after a couple of days visiting friends. The post from the day I left (ReBlotting), was an experiment with blotting and lifting pigments from the paper. As I was in a rush to leave, I only completed part of the experiment.

Completed (ReBlotting) watercolor experiment:

I rewet the original study and added the same pigments (cobalt blue and the umbers) to the paper. I wanted to darken the composition.

Watercolor: Another Layer on Blotting Exercise

Another Layer Added to Original Composition

I took the opportunity to  emphasize the blue shape at the upper right. I lifted some of the pigment at the center of the paper.

To complete the design, I washed the paper with a transparent earth tone (Transparent Iron Oxide – M. Graham). Since this is a transparent pigment, it would not obscure the underlying patterns, but it would darken and add another layer to the composition.

Watercolor: Blotting and Lifting Exercise, Complete

Reblot Exercise, Complete
9″x12″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

The blue shape reminded me of a lens. There was an empty space at the focal point that I filled in with red. I used neutral tint as a backing to the lens, which also served the purpose of widening the tonal range of the composition.


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