AutismInspiredArt Etsy Shop – Mike Portrait (2017)

This portrait of my brother Mike contains an element of wishful thinking: a friendly greeting. Mike was low functioning, autistic and nonverbal. I assembled a group of my watercolors and listed prints of them on my Etsy Shop, AutismInspiredArt. The print below is available on that site. I began my blog ( in 2013 to […]

Abstract Portrait of Brother Michael (2017) from my AutismInspiredArt Etsy Shop

My Etsy Shop is called AutismInspiredArt. The first set of listings are prints of watercolor portraits of my brother Mike. The one below was painted in 2017 and contains some of the iconography I was playing with at the time. It was very difficult to communicate with my brother, who was autistic, low functioning and […]

One of Mike’s Portraits on My Etsy Shop

Here is a portrait of my brother Mike, the first of the 16 current listings listings in my newly-opened Etsy Shop: AutismInspiredArt. All of my watercolors were inspired my Michael, who was low-functioning, autistic and nonverbal. Much of the back story of my artwork can be seen on my blog: Most of the posts […]

Autism Inspired Art – My Etsy Shop (Gradually) Begins (2023)

Today, as I promised myself, I open my Etsy Shop. I call it AutismInspiredArt (Etsy does not allow spaces in their shop names). I prepare my posts the day before so, my shop will not be available immediately with the dawning of the new year. Here is my logo: and here is my banner: I […]

Memories of Michael: My Favorite Picture of Mike and Me (~1958)

I don’t have a specific memory of the moment when this photo was taken. I’d like to think it represents my overriding attitude toward my brother Michael. Mike shaped my life and although there were many years that I neglected him, his influence was always with me. Oh how I wish we could have had […]

Memories of Michael: Portrait of My Brother – Transition Complete (2015)

I intended this portrait to express Mike’s other-worldliness. But we are brothers and I had a connection with him, if only in one direction. We share the same oddness – in different ways – just as we do the same genetic makeup. I painted this in 2015 (Final Transition).

Memories of Michael: Mike in Transition, Watercolor (2015)

Mike probably transitioned away from his family during the first few years of his life. I don’t mean that he did this on purpose, although that’s what Mom used to think, very bitterly. Mike was normal looking until he went to Willowbrook. My parents were duly notified when Mike got his front teeth knocked out, […]

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