Autism Awareness – Daily Planning

Daily planning When Anton Håkanson embarked on a school project in assistive technology, he decided to construct an appointment calendar that autistic individuals would find easy to use. He calls his calendar, ‘Snailday’. Visual structure Håkanson wanted to address the problem of a reminder system for people who require a great deal of visual structure. […]

Dragonfruitus Resumptus

Ok, where was I? Oh yes. My previous post was delayed by an unanticipated need to go the the hospital where one of Joy’s relatives is ill.  I had been talking about dragonfruit and the fact that I may have been mistaken about the random, untethered distribution of the tiny abandoned kiwi-like seeds. I may […]

Crab Apple Still Life

Note to Readers Before I begin today’s post, I’d like to say a word about the original mission of this blog. Those of you who have visited my blog recently, expecting to see autism-related posts must have been disappointed. My early posts were mainly about my early life as a sibling of an autistic person: […]

Mike’s World

Some people think that I am obsessed by my relationship with my older brother, Mike. That is probably true. The saying, “You always want what you don’t have,” is true for me. It sounds weird, but I never have known my brother personally. But if you know about him, it is not that surprising after […]

Recreating Autism

I tweeted yesterday (@bruddajack) about a unique video game developed by Taylan Kay.[1]  He is trying to raise awareness about autism. Various headlines describe his effort as follows: Video game that mimics childhood autism;[2] Video Game Recreates the World of Autism;[3] Video Game Developer Tries to Recreate the Autistic’s World;[4] Recreating the world of an autistic person […]

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