Grandkid Day 1

I had so much fun since we arrived. Sidra is such a doll. She could hardly wait to do a stop-motion video with me. I was the cameraman and she was the director. Rebecca, her American Girl doll was the star. All it took was 150 snapshots, rudimentary editing and we had the whole of Rebecca’s morning. It turned out quite well as a matter of fact. Sidra is also looking forward to being a guest blogger again. I hope to catch up on her first six months of being a sister. She is really smart too. Did I mention she is at the top of her class?

Meanwhile, William is all eyes. He was 6 months old yesterday. He looks everywhere, even where there is nothing to see. I carried him around for, it seemed like hours – probably only an hour or so – and his eyes seemed to take in everything. I think he likes the light. There is a lampshade in the corner of the room that seems to tickle his fancy. I let him touch it to see if the tactile sensation would make any difference to him. Didn’t seem to. It must be the light itself he enjoys.

I haven’t had a conversation with him, as he hasn’t started talking yet. I suppose that will be in another month or so. As I mentioned before, ‘I don’t nothin about birthin no babies’. He seems to be alert, and his Mom and Dad aren’t worried about milestones, so I put my worries about potential developmental problems behind me and am just enjoying him. One thing that makes me feel really old is that when he grabs me, he gets a handful of my neck. I never thought I had a handful of neck to be grabbed until only recently (sigh).

The place is decorated for Halloween. B&V did it up really nicely. I must give Nanna credit for this, as decorating is a nice tradition that she instilled in her kids.

Here is a picture of William, Sidra and me. I hope I have more to share with you soon

William Zayde and Sidra

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