Fine Books

I took the photograph below during one of my walks around Manhattan. Leo Weitz opened a rare book business in 1909. I don’t know if the storefront I photographed (on Lexington Avenue at about 90th Street) is his original place of business or even if it is still there, 20+ years after I took the picture. According […]

Guggenheim Addition

Today’s watercolor experiment: This is another in my series of watercolors from photographs I took in my wanderings around New York City. I think it was the red roof that caused me to snap the picture. Of course it was also a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, a chance to record one moment of an historic architectural project: […]

The Beer and Soda Building

Today’s watercolor experiment: I may have mentioned that I really enjoy making the miniature pen, ink and watercolor sketches that I have been creating lately (Party House, Sea Food Building). I like several things about them: 1) they are small; 2) it is easy to correct mistakes; 3) they can be finished relatively quickly. I […]

Sea Food Building

Today’s watercolor experiment: My photography digitization project is providing me with grist for my watercolor experiments. I used to take a lot of walks around New York City, mostly Manhattan and Brooklyn. However, I really enjoyed my walks around Coney Island. The scenes I encountered there merged my interest in local architecture with my morbid fascination […]