Abstract 013120

I like the overall pastel look to this experiment. The inner complexity is bracketed on each side, by two dark red shapes, the left one of which is interrupted by the edge of the paper. The turquoise blue wavy structures bracket the top and bottom of the picture. The inner figures are not overly intricate, […]

Love is All Around

Many of my paintings so far this year are the result of a rather dull palette.  I have also used only two or three different brushes to create my paint strokes. In today’s experiment I changed things around  by starting with a very bright red (cadmium red), and a wide fan brush. I have used […]


I began this one with a relatively opaque watercolor called Terra Rosa. I like its tone, although it is a bit dull. At this point, I had no plan for how I wanted this work to look at the end. I put down some more wide strokes. Some of the blue marks were bold, some […]

It’s A Dog’s Life

This year, I’ve begun many of my watercolor abstracts with arcs and other round brush strokes. In this experiment I began with more boxy strokes. My first ‘random’ strokes were purposely rectilinear. The outline reminded me of a dog. I spent the rest of my painting sessions trying to obscure the dogginess of the composition. […]

Indecision Resolved

It may not appear so, but I worked on this piece for several days. My first brush scribbles danced around the idea of faces. I contrasted the linear strokes with gray and blue washes. I created three or four faces consciously, but there could be more of which I am not aware. The canvas looks […]

Metropolis Girl

I began today’s experiment with an arc of yellow. Then I completed the rest of the head skeleton with that same color. I chose an appropriate blue to merge with the yellow to create an acceptable green. I also applied some blue directly, for eyebrow and lip strokes. I put this aside for a while; […]

Abstract 91014

Note to reader: I write my blog entries and paint my watercolor studies the day before I schedule them for posting. I worked on the watercolor below without conscious knowledge that I would post it on the 13th anniversary of the  horror of 9/11/2001.  I was living in NYC on that day and saw the […]

Inspiration Happens

More about creativity and artistic process It was awkward drawing the underlying icons for the painting from the ‘My Niche‘ post. The paper had a rough finish, I was using a pen that had permanent ink and I was anxious about making a mistake. Consequently, the ‘cloud’ formation I drew only had four lobes. When […]


In contrast to yesterday’s experiment, I thought a lot about today’s watercolor. Before I continue, I must apologize. When I wrote, The Last Rubber Image, I thought I was done with latex masking fluid. However, I couldn’t resist another whack at it. After all, it was fun dripping and spreading it around. First step So […]