Woman with Striped Blouse and Hair in Bun

I like the way the vertical and horizontal lines appose each other. These strokes form the only patterns within the outline of the figure.  I drew the woman’s outline blindly (not looking at the paper), but did look when I detailed her blouse and hair. I did not realize how much the counterpoint between these […]

Watercolor Portrait Over Blind Drawing

I wanted to see what would happen if I superimposed a regular, studied sketch on a blind drawing of the same portrait subject. I used a photograph of my father as the model on which to experiment. My choice of subject holds emotional content, as my dad passed away a while ago and I still […]

Composite: Dentist/Pain Clinic Portrait

As soon as I drew the subject’s right leg, he was called in to see the dentist. I kept the rest of this page blank for as long as I could stand it (I hate wasting paper). The next day, when I was waiting at the pain clinic, there was a man sitting opposite me. […]