Watercolor Sketches: Gray Clouds in Front of Cloud Line, with Evergreens

Here are a couple of more preliminary watercolor sketches of cloud formations. I photographed this cloud bank late last month. I was struck by the smattering of blue sky between the solid mass of white-edged clouds in the background, and smaller steel gray clouds hovering in the foreground. In the first sketch, I laid down […]

Watercolor Cloud Studies – First Trial

I’m dipping my toe back into the watercolor pond with these two sketches. I am trying to reproduce the cloud patterns from an early photo (see reference photo below). In the second sketch, I tried to give up some control back to the water. Reference photo:

Family Gathering with Exaggerated Head

This is an example of a blind drawing. By definition, blind drawing is uncontrolled by feedback. One looks only at the subject, when drawing blind. Profiles and backs of heads are much easier to render faithfully than frontal views of the face.

Lady at Doc Office Counter from Inside ‘Sick’ Waiting Room

There is a waiting area for sick people inside the waiting room at my doc. We have to wear masks. But we do have a view of where the others get to wait. This is a sketch of a woman at the counter from inside the sick room.

Entire Discussion Group with Spacing

I have sketched this group many times (Discussion Group with Mother and Child, Discussion Group and Laptop, Discussion Group and Man with Displaced Head), but don’t remember capturing all of them on one page. I exercised a bit of care in trying to get everyone together at once. Spacing still needs a bit of work.

Unfinished Portrait and Patient Getting Ready to Leave

Even though the wait in a waiting room seems interminable, patients do get called in. The trick, as a sketcher, is to choose a subject that has a long wait, or whose time in one place can be predicted. The gentleman on the right was getting ready to leave, so I had a good idea […]