Therapist Thinking About the Next Session

Therapists must plan sessions. I imagine that they look over the patient’s chart beforehand. It must be a bit more cut and dried for a physical therapist, whose session is modified only by the ability of their charge. For a psychologist, there may be a sense of what may happen during a session, but there […]

Discussion Quartet

At first, I could only see the back of the head of the man on the left. I began the portrait of the woman adjacent to him as I saw her: obscuring the man. The third man, the one next to that woman, was looking straight at me, so I reverted to gathering visual information […]

Waiting for the Receptionist

The portal from the waiting room the inner office is guarded by the receptionist. The official waiting period starts here. Some receptionists are quick. In the case below, I barely had one minute to sketch the woman in her pre-wait status.

Two Men Waiting at the Lab, One with Unfinished Face

I like the posture of the man on the left. He was groomed very well. His hair was thin, pure white and combed back, giving the appearance of a wispy skeleton of a coiffure.  I barely finished the bottom half of the man on the right when he was called in to give a blood […]

Woman Waiting to Get a Cast

As a denizen of the waiting room I am privileged to witness my fellow waiters in all manner of conditions. Some are more picturesque than others. The lady below is an example of such a subject. She wasn’t in any distress; just waiting with her husband.