Sketch Book Series: Back Yard (May 2010)

I was a bit more successful portraying depth in the sketch below, as compared to the one posted yesterday. I intended to silhouette the railing upon which the planters sat and I made the background lighter. These factors let one imagine distance between the planter railing and the back fence.

Sketch Book Series: Library (January 2010)

I remember the day I went to the library. I didn’t go to make this sketch, but at the time, I was trying to maintain my goal of making at least one sketch a day. I like this sketch because it reminds me of that day. However, this sketch doesn’t portray much of a sense […]

Sketch Book Series: ER Hallway (January 2010)

This sketch is a panoramic view inside an emergency room, looking toward the ambulance entrance. The towel dispenser at the far right of the drawing is a bit jarring. These elements don’t really fit with the look down the hall. As usual, I was looking to fill the time while was waiting.

Sketch Book Series: SoCal (January 2010)

This sketch began with pencil and finished with ink. The result is more of a postcard than a creative piece. I enjoy taking pictures. In approximately one-sixtieth of a second, they capture a moment that I can identify later when I look at it. Perhaps I get a connect more deeply to a place that […]

Sketch Book Series: Messy Desk (February 2010)

Normally I don’t care for ‘checkerboard’ cross hatching. But in this case it works for the large background area. The bottom of the desk is a darker tone, accomplished by a third cross-hatching line. I like the range of tonal values in this drawing.

Sketch Book Series: Parking Lot (January 2010)

My pen and ink drawings of ten or so years ago had a pencil sketch scaffolding. These early sketches relied more on line than on surface shading. I haven’t sketched in a long time, so it will be interesting to try combining line and surface in new drawing.