Memories of Michael: Art Show Review in Art in America (1996)

I was very lucky to have had my first show reviewed in Art in America. I first posted this article back in 2013, when I started my blog. Since that time, I have continued to add to my body of work and, while it still incomplete, I have made some progress since then.

Memories of Michael: Mike Comes to See My Show (1995)

I made arrangements with Mike’s group home for a special visit to my show, Brotherly Love. Below is a frame grab from a video of that event. I am in front of a picture of Mike’s house mates. Michael is standing next to me.


Getting to know Mike After Mike’s 40th birthday party and his transfer to a group home, I spent a lot of time visiting him there. Michael is my older brother. He is autistic, low functioning and nonverbal. I had not been close to him for a number of years, having moved around the country for […]

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