Deja Vu?

I thought my self portrait with Mike* icon from yesterday (Self Portrait with Icon #2) was a novel idea. However, quite a while ago I represented Mike in exactly the same way in a different medium: photography. The context was different. I was experimenting with assuming Mike’s likeness after reading about Jo Spence‘s and Rosy Martin‘s approach to […]

Self Portrait with Icon #2

Below is another self portrait with an icon I created after my last visit to see Mike*. I superimposed etched lines of the icon onto a light sketch of a self portrait. I painted my portrait and then introduced ink into the scratches. This doesn’t seem like a double portrait, as the icon blends almost seamlessly with the […]

Scratched Self Portrait

I have been thinking about applying my scratching process to other watercolor studies. Today, I developed an icon based on my brother Mike*. He used to hit himself and bite his hand. Here’s a photograph of Mike in the process of slapping and biting himself: I applied a light yellow/red glaze on my paper and, after […]

Blue, Purple Spots and Q Nickel

I’ve been reading quite a bit about Action Painting and Color Field Painting in relation to the mechanics of visual perception in the human brain.  Eric Kandel’s book Reductionism in Art and Brain Science: Bridging the Two Cultures tells this fascinating story. As I understand it, the concept underlying both Action Painting (as in the paintings […]


I’m beginning to relax a bit with my painting. Instead of trying to paint like Joan Miró, I am concentrating on my own iconography (see Narrative or Portrayal of Feelings?, Little Thought Experiment, Simplify, Beginning of an Iconography?). My younger brother is a wonderful musician. He is working on a Rachmaninoff piece, and told me […]

Shiny Standpipe

I’m always on the lookout for interesting things to photograph. Shiny things are on the list. I am particularly attracted to fire plugs as sculpture. I have an extensive series of photographs and drawings of fire hydrants and other water distribution systems. Here are some of my posts featuring fire plugs and standpipes: Fireplugs, the Beginning, What Luck!, […]

Self Portrait

Shadows collapse the third dimension onto a two-dimensional plane. A portrait constructed from a shadow projects qualities that depend on the attitude of the shape. I used to take advantage of any light that would allow me to cast a hand-print shadow. Depending on how I clasped my hands together I could project the image […]

Annotated Self Portrait

I avoid looking in mirrors. I don’t like seeing photographs of myself either. When do see myself, I imagine that others must react to my appearance in the same way I do: very critically. In the past couple of weeks I’ve read a few Raymond Chandler mysteries. I love a good film noir and Chandler’s writing […]

Double Nostalgia?

Below is a self portrait I took at the New York Port Authority Bus Terminal, sometime at the beginning of this century. I was probably on my way to see my parents. The photo evokes nostalgia of that time but other memories crowd their way into my consciousness.  During the early 1970s I used to wait […]