Lady Drawn Too Short

I sketched the lady below immediately after the sketch from yesterday. Somehow the odd spirit of that drawing transferred to the one below. My blind drawings of profiles seem to be better than the ones I compose while sketching normally.  I started this one too low on the page and decided to continue the fiction by […]

Man Sitting with Legs Crossed Then Changing Positions

I started with the shoes, as usual. Without looking at the paper, I moved my pen in concert with my eye: up one leg, a left at the trouser cuff, up some more, a twist and down the crossed leg to the other shoe. Everything was fine until the relaxed man suddenly hunched over and […]

Woman with Pocketbook on Table

This sketch was done quickly, without looking at the page.  I thought that this lady would get up at any moment.  I’m told that the proper parlance for pocketbook (or ‘pocabook’, a term I remember from youth) is purse. Pardon my anachronism .

Trio of People at a Table

This is an exercise in blind drawing. I began on the left, and drew the first profile. The middle person, facing away from me, was easy to draw. I took a risk with the third profile, attempting to portray the mouth and chin (unlike the first figure). Each of the three portraits has a different […]