OtherArtByJack: Graffitied Roll-Top Door NYC (1990s)

This is a companion piece to the Graffiti and Arch print. It is another door in the same carriage-house building behind the 23rd Street Post Office in New York City. I remember that, at that time (in the early 1990s) the building was still in use as a parking garage.  The 4×6″ is matted to […]

OtherArtbyJack: Graffitied Door and Arch NYC (1990s)

I was fascinated to find this out-dated, arched structure in 1990s New York City (around 24th Street behind the 23rd Street Post Office).. This building was replaced by a Baruch College campus. This is my rendition of the side arch along with the requisite graffiti (matted print (archival paper and inks) now available on OtherArtbyJack: The […]

OtherArtByJack: Trompe L’oeil Mural Graffiti, NYC 1990s

This is a rendering of a trompe l’oeil mural that is based on a photograph I took in Midtown Manhattan in 1989. I was wandering around, enjoying the sights at the Memorial Day block party. I wasn’t thinking in terms of graffiti when I took the picture, but it fits with my graffiti series of watercolors. This […]

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