Hummingbird Flower

I love hummingbirds. When I lived on the east coast, I would see them from time to time, but here in California, they are everywhere. Not so much at this time of year, but I did see one just a couple of days ago. When we go to my wife’s cousin’s house, I am always […]

Watercolor Glory

I took this picture in a parking lot the other day. I love the transition from white to pink to purple to blue. I am particularly fond of the color change from blue to purple. Today’s watercolor experiment: In a previous experiment I journaled my verbal thoughts as I went about painting: from initial idea to […]


My wife had a photograph of a vase with red and white flowers. She wanted my rendition of it in watercolor. Since the photo was hazy and, for some reason I could not transfer it to a larger screen, I looked for a similar picture. Last week at the graduation party, I took some pictures […]

Mystery Flower Take 2

To those of you who liked my ‘Flower‘ yesterday, thank you.  After looking at that watercolor sketch for a bit, I like it a little more. I do agree with THGg, that I did not use the qualities of watercolors to blend and bleed colors together. Today’s experiment I tried another sketch of this same […]