Family Gathering with Exaggerated Head

This is an example of a blind drawing. By definition, blind drawing is uncontrolled by feedback. One looks only at the subject, when drawing blind. Profiles and backs of heads are much easier to render faithfully than frontal views of the face.

Medical Procedure on Viewing Screen

Sketching in the exam room is not something I do every day; I wouldn’t recommend it. The procedure was really interesting to watch. I wanted to make a visual note of the experience. Therefore I would characterize my sketch more as a visual reminder than a drawing.

Unfinished Portrait and Patient Getting Ready to Leave

Even though the wait in a waiting room seems interminable, patients do get called in. The trick, as a sketcher, is to choose a subject that has a long wait, or whose time in one place can be predicted. The gentleman on the right was getting ready to leave, so I had a good idea […]

Seated Man and Mistake Rectified by Parallel Lines

I couldn’t draw myself out of the error I made with the tilt of the man’s head, in the drawing below. But I could, with shading. At first I drew the head with the chin jutting out. In fact, it was tucked in. I darkened the line of the correctly-drawn chin, but I had to […]

Physics Lesson

I overheard some of the conversation between the tutor and the tutee. That plus the mathematical symbols on the paper led me to conclude that I was witnessing a physics lesson. I used the blind drawing technique to draw the contours of the heads. Usually, a complete blind drawing results in some dislocation of body […]