Next Section – Mike at School (from ‘My Brother Michael’)

Mike spent many years at Willowbrook, a large mental institution that stood for many years in Staten Island, NY, USA. It was a warehouse, and was described by Robert F. Kennedy as a ‘snake pit’. Mike was in the class of Willowbrook patients that was gradually re-housed in group homes throughout the state. I was […]

Mike Sketch Series: Mike Getting Help Eating, April 1994

My brother Mike was treated very well by the staff at his group home. They tried to bring some organization to his eating. My mom used to call him a ‘two fisted’ eater, which he, quite literally was.  In the background, James, another resident was looking on.

Paintings from Last Visit with Mike

I painted the watercolors below based on photos I took during my last visit  to see Mike (note – be aware that there may be triggers in this post. I was very emotional at the time), which was two years ago. Mom was still alive and Dave, my younger brother was able to attend as well. […]

It’s Mike’s Birthday!

Every year that my parents were well, we would arrange to meet at Mike‘s group home for a birthday party. It was fun and the other residents really enjoyed it, as did we all. The photos below are from his birthday in 1992. Mom and Dad were still around and vigorous. You’ll find my post […]