Man Thinking Out of the Box, Inside His Own Head

The hand, the arc of the top of the man’s head and the ear are all in proportion. The face is in proportion with itself (a bit long in the chin perhaps). The error in creating a proportionate drawing is obvious; the results are unexpected, but pleasing.

Hiring Cabal

I was taking my break, sketching as usual. One of the people in the group I was drawing, was on the phone, explaining about an offer that would soon be forwarded. It dawned on me that someone was getting the benefit of a professional personnel group meeting.

Two People Waiting

This sketch consists of portraits of two people drawn at different times, in the same waiting room. The more complete likeness is the figure on the right. Even though most of the features are distorted, the posture is captured well.  The figure on the left is less complete and, a bit muddled. This allows the […]