Photographs Lie… More Growing Up from ‘My Brother Michael’

The photo on this page was taken on one of our camping trips. I have to give Mom and Dad credit; it must have been an awful strain to take three kids, camping, not to mention taking care of the Mike‘s special needs. Mike seems to be peering at the photographer (probably Dad), but the […]

Growing Up – Header to Next Section of ‘My Brother Michael’

Mom must have taken this picture of Dad, Mike and me (I’m on the left).  This was before Dave was born so it must be around 1954, 1955.  Mom and Dad said that they knew that Mike was different very early on, even though he was their first child. Autism was just beginning to be […]

End of the Scrapbook – Mike’s Toddler Days from ‘My Brother Michael’

This image may not make sense out of context.  This scrapbook, that covers some of Mike’s days as a toddler, ends abruptly with a photo corner just about to fall off the page.  This echoes the baby book that Mom and Dad started just after Mike was born.

Scrapbook, Mike’s Toddler Days from ‘My Brother Michael’

Here are some pictures from Mike‘s toddler days. You can see my dad’s father and my mom’s mother hold Mike as a baby.  Dad is trying to interest Mike in the piano. Mike seems to be having fun with mom in one of the photos.  

Baby Michael, Alone from ‘My Brother Michael’

The scrapbook itself ends abruptly. Nothing after 1950.  I imagine that my mother and my father were just too busy taking care of Mike.  I ended this section with a snapshot from that era, of my big brother Mike by himself.  This is the essence of autism: alone-ness. It is so hard to understand. [Note: […]

Beginning of Series: My Brother Michael, a book by Jack Davis

My wife, Joy and I are pulling up stakes and moving to LA.  I’m not sure when I will be able to get re-connected to the internet, so I have scheduled  setting the beginning of this series, My Brother Michael, a book that I put together over a 15 year period. It remains unpublished. For […]