Memories of Michael: Mike’s World VR Project (2000)

I went to graduate school with the idea of creating an immersive virtual environment of my interpretation of my brother Mike’s world. Technical problems prevented me from completing this work. Instead I created a museum of sorts that represented my view of Mike from the outside.

Memories of Michael: Mike Makes a Sign (~1993)

When I saw Mike do the hand sign for ‘drink’, I was amazed. I never thought he could learn. His learning was temporary though. Just like some of his learning as a baby, this behavior disappeared after a little while.

Memories of Michael: See-Saw in Willowbrook Park (Photos – early 1960s)

This is an early entry into a photographic essay about growing up with an autistic sibling. The essay has expanded over the years, trying to engage the topic of communicating with those who can’t communicate back.

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