OtherArtByJack: Newsstand at 14th Street and 1st Ave, NYC (1990s)

I lived on Avenue C, not too far from where I took the photo that this watercolor is based on. I loved the variety of newsstands in New York City and wandered about looking for interesting ones to capture on film. This watercolor print will soon be available on my OtherArtByJack store on Etsy. My […]

OtherArtByJack: Carriage House Graffiti (1990s)

This carriage house served as a parking garage when I lived down the street from in in NYC. Across the street was the back of the 23rd Street post office. I’m pretty sure it’s gone now, replaced by buildings of Baruch College. It was fun to imagine what it must have been like during the […]

OtherArtByJack: Call Box and Dog Graffiti NYC (1990s)

There used to be fire alarm boxes all over the place in NYC. I saw this one, apparently hit by a car, slightly south of Houston – on Crosby to be exact. I liked the dog graffiti behind it. A print of this 6×4″ watercolor will soon be available on my Etsy shop, OtherArtByJack.

OtherArtShop: Underpass Graffiti (2015)

This is another print to be listed as soon as I get my OtherArtShop up and running on Etsy. I painted the original 4×6″ in 2015 from one of the photos I took on the East Side of Manhattan in 1989. I was graffiti hunting at the time.

OtherPhotoShop: Bargain Spot, NYC (1989)

I will be opening another Etsy shop within a week that showcases my art which is not directly related to autism. I plan to include watercolor prints of photos taken in New York City (where I lived for more than 20 years); original black and white and color photos, some framed, some not; sketches and […]

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