Sea Food Building

Today’s watercolor experiment:

My photography digitization project is providing me with grist for my watercolor experiments.

I used to take a lot of walks around New York City, mostly Manhattan and Brooklyn. However, I really enjoyed my walks around Coney Island. The scenes I encountered there merged my interest in local architecture with my morbid fascination with decay.

The photograph which served as the reference for today’s watercolor sketch seems to depict a decrepit restaurant on warm summer day. However, I took the picture on a cold day at the beginning of February in 1991.

Photograph: Coney Island, Sea Food Storefront

Sea Food Coney Island – Ref Photo

I used the photo as a reference for my pen and ink drawing. I used pencil first so I could approximate the proper spacing of the letters of the signs on the building. Working on a small scale made it easier to approximate details, such as graffiti, bricks and other minutia. Had I started with a bigger working area, I would have been tempted to draw every brick and letter.

Here is my watercolor rendition of Sea Food – Coney Island.

Watercolor Pen and Ink: Sea Food Storefront, Coney Island

Sea Food – Coney Island
4″x6″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block


I enjoy drawing these little thumbnail sketches. I did not reproduce the colors of the reference photo quite faithfully. However as it turns out, the new color scheme represents the physical conditions at the time more than the original. The colors in the watercolor are cooler. I wish I had done that intentionally, but alas I failed to capture the glow of the original.

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