Abstract with Film

Today’s watercolor experiment:

Yesterday I put together a picture story of how my photography archiving process photography affected me. That process unleashed mixed feelings in me, feelings of nostalgia for the past and at the same time a rude awakening about what I had actually captured on film. Now and then I encountered a good picture among the chaff. That made me happy.

Today, I wanted create a less literal (more abstract) portrayal of how I felt about the look back at my early photographs.

My thought was to create an atmospheric metaphor to do this, perhaps with a big dust storm at the bottom of the page. I formed the images of unfurled rolls of film into a tornado. The intermittent red frames on the film represented the occasional successful picture.

My mother often referred to the phenomenon, of early morning ground fog as, “The miasma rising from the swamp.” The phrase indicated mystery, an unknown quantity.  I wanted to surround my film tornado with this miasma. To do this I used a combination of grainy pigments including raw umber, raw sienna, yellow ochre and others. I created watercolor blooms and lifted some of the pigments to create textures to create a mysterious background on which to impose my storm.

Watercolor: Abstract - Eye and Storm

Film Storm
12″x16″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block


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